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Embrace the Charm

Ink Lounge the Screenprinting Studio is a creative playground for folks of all ages and abilities to learn the screenprint process on paper or fabric. At our Denver studio you can sign up for a workshop, gather some friends to make it a party or bring a group from work for a day away from the grind.

When we (Stu and Nicky Alden) started Ink Lounge in 2007 it is was merely a playground and an experiment to get away from our computers and to get back in touch with pencils, pens, ink and paper; which has now grown into a full time 3,700 square foot screenprinting studio. In our workshops we teach everyone the phrase “Embrace the Charm,” which celebrates the hand-done qualities that make each print unique and lets others know you spent time making it yourself.

Here at Ink Lounge the Shop we sell all types of screenprinted goodies created by us, the Squeegees, and at times studio members or other screenprint artists that are part of an exhibit at the Studio. Posters, art prints, kids and adult T-shirts, notebooks, tea towels, glasses, tote bags and a heap of other screenprinted items.

If you're in Denver and interested in getting inky yourself you can sign up for a workshop for you or your young ones and Embrace the Charm with us!