A Community Focused Screen Print Studio

2020 has been incredibly unique where I've created new ways to use my studio and skills to benefit those that need our support. The Home. HOPE! exhibit in May was inspired by the stay at home order where I donated 50% of the printing where together we raised around 10K that was divided between the 25 artists and Access Gallery, a nonprofit that works with artists with disabilities. S!GNS of the T!ME was a 1-day event where we registered people to vote, had free screen printing, and raised around 1.5K that was split between 2 nonprofits, Black Lives Matter 5280 and Future Coalition. I'm continuing to sell the yard signs here at the studio and donate 50% to the nonprofits. 

I've also been donating what I call LIBERTee-Shirts, where every other Saturday since the beginning of June, you can bring a T-shirt to the studio to get a social protest message screen printed on it for free.  Visit the website for more info.

About Ink Lounge

Ink Lounge is a single person multi-disciplinary graphic design & screen printing studio run by Stu Alden where much of his work supports the community. Over the past 25 years his clients, mainly nonprofits, have including the PeaceJam Foundation, DNCC, Black Love Mural Festival, USOC, Colorado School of Mines Foundation, Summer Scholars, The Denver Art Museum, and more. He also donates screen printing workshops to schools and youth organizations to help them understand the role art and design can play in society.