HH23 | Hope

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Juliette Hemingway | Hemingway Studios 

Quarantining has had an interesting effect on my work.I have been able to delve into my art and seek leveling up my style. I am experimenting, getting bolder and breaking out somewhat of my isolated world as I am being isolated from the world. In this piece just titled "Hope", I find myself sitting with my creative instrument of choice and my mind wanders. I contemplate, I plan and I dream. I hope for what is on the other side of this. I try to convey the emotion by keeping it simple, but still keeping it bold. Keeping it fresh with sketchy loose outlines, large swatches of color and graphical elements, making it gritty. I don't want perfect. I strive for imperfection. Something outside of my normal mind frame. I hope the figure is conveying some hesitation, maybe even a bit of insecurity. What is yet to come? The faint window in the background is his view. Our view. We hope for things but we still have to discover what is on the other side of the window.

All prints are 8x10, screen printed on 100# cover weight, signed editions of 100. Frame is not included. 

Cost includes shipping to continental US. $20 to artist, $3 to Access Gallery (non-profit), $7 to cover shipping & materials.

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