HH07 | Hopefully

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John Fellows

My work is normally inspired by nature, travel and the outdoors and these days is no different. I’m lucky to live in a small mountain town and have a house that backs up to fields and wetlands. Ever since “Stay Safe, Stay Home” was announced, I’ve noticed nature returning in ways not seen in a while. When I would look out my window I started seeing more animals roaming through the backyard. Packs of coyotes traveling past, families of deer spending time by the beaver ponds, bald eagles and hawks flying over head in numbers not seen before. With everything else going on, I can only hope that nature is making moves and staging a strong comeback during the “lock down”. It’s desperately needed. My piece reflects what I see outside of my house everyday. Clear, blue skies, snow melt filling the rivers, and quiet, big mountains enjoying their emptiness… of course this is only the calm before the summer storm of tourism and the “lock down” being lifted. I can only hope when the masses head for the hills after being in solitary for a few months, they can respect where they are going and their surroundings. Hopefully people will have a new found respect for Mother Nature and the natural world around them after having to stay home for an extended period of time… Hopefully.

All prints are 8x10, screen printed on 100# cover weight, signed editions of 100. Frame is not included. 

Cost includes shipping to continental US. $20 to artist, $3 to Access Gallery (non-profit), $7 to cover shipping & materials.

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