HH16 | Ray of Hope

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Joe Flores | Mojiferous J Colossus

As a younger man I was a graffiti artist, painting murals and pieces on alley walls and in abandoned spaces. Now working mostly on canvas, I still use spray paint, capitalizing on the contrasting colors and layering to achieve a painterly effect. A majority of my work is semi-abstract industrial landscapes inspired by Precisionism and Art Deco architectural renderings. I paint a lot of factories - the factory has an interesting dichotomy in our culture, having long been associated with both economic success and heavy pollution. Jobs and disease, growth and decline. And so my lonely, steaming industrial buildings become allegories of oppressive capitalism and the strength of labor and unions. Symbols of pollution and climate change. Drab buildings in bright flashy colors.

All prints are 8x10, screen printed on 100# cover weight, signed editions of 100. Frame is not included. 

Cost includes shipping to continental US. $20 to artist, $3 to Access Gallery (non-profit), $7 to cover shipping & materials.

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