HH10 | Hiatus

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Dave Pendleton | Paint or Die Studio

Haiku is the name given to this small robot, imagined
to be fashioned from discarded boxes. Haiku is an observant,
reflective personality, who's patience and curiosity allow for
the appreciation of simple things.

This Haiku is titled: Hiatus

This piece considers our feelings of separation during a time when we are asked to isolate from one another. By ceding our short term comfort for the long term well-being of us all, we exercise our capacity to sacrifice for the well-being of more than just ourselves. As we endure this together, we have the opportunity for refinement and to relearn how to live lives of service and community. This piece recognizes that despite physical separation and financial uncertainty, the unease and frustration we are experiencing is impermanent, and we will soon be able to open the window again and breathe new air.

The seed for Haiku’s design draws from the Japanese poems
of the same name. As with the poetic form of a written haiku,
these illustrations are brief in line and imagery, and
offer quiet observation and commentary. In character, manner
and style, intimacy and simplicity are the final achievements.

Another idea that inspires this work is the idea of wabi-sabi.
This is a concept in traditional Japanese aesthetics that,
basically, is the acceptance of impermanence and an
appreciation of the beauty of imperfection and the ability to
find the most basic, natural objects interesting, fascinating and

All prints are 8x10, screen printed on 100# cover weight, signed editions of 100. Frame is not included. 

Cost includes shipping to continental US. $20 to artist, $3 to Access Gallery (non-profit), $7 to cover shipping & materials.

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