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Refresh Ink: $40/hr

Ink Lounge

  • $ 4000

The Hourly Private Instruction is used for for folks who want to get refreshed or add to their skills.

Please Note: you must call to schedule.

Cost: $40/hr
Time: minimum 1 hour, but may vary depending on skills you need/want to learn
Address: 29 S Fox Street, Denver CO 80223

We tailor this time to specifically to what you want to learn and may be mixed in with open studio or assisted open studio. Think of it as mini-lessons. Some examples: You took Beginning Ink on paper and would like to learn how to register for fabric or vice versa. You know how to print, but you've never coated and exposed a screen. You've printed one color items, but would like to learn multiple color registration. This is more or less for folks that want to work on getting their printing skills better.

Please contact us to schedule and go over before signing up. (303) 321-7101

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