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Intro to Screen Printing

Ink Lounge

  • $ 6500

Are you curious about screen printing and have an idea for a project you want to make?

In this introductory workshop, you will learn how to screen print your own unique 1-color image on either fabric or paper.  You’ll walk away with a general understanding of the process, a Speedball screen print guide, plus some sweet prints of your own art. If you get hooked we recommend you also take the the Screen Prep Basics lesson so you have more knowledge on getting the stencil on and off the screen.

Printing: You do need to pick either paper or fabric for the workshop as the screen mesh and printing is slightly different. You will print your 1-color image as either 6 fabric prints, 1-side (fabric not included*), or 6 10x13 paper prints (paper is included). Fabric registration and printing will be taught on a 1-arm fabric press, paper registration and printing will taught using table clamps.

*Please Note: For fabric printing, your 6 items must all be the same type of item, so bring all T-shirts, or all tea towels, or all tote bags, etc. Please do not mix item types as registration and printing is different for different types of items. For T-shirts, various sizes is OK within an age group (all adult, all youth, etc.)

Art: You will be required to submit your art the Monday before the workshop. More information on specifications and uploading files after registration.

Demonstrations: Exposing screens, registration, and reclaiming screens

Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm | Cost: $65 
Class Size: 6 | Age: 16 & up
Address: 29 S Fox Street, Denver CO 80223

Open Studio Access: Participation in this workshop allows you to schedule Open Studio hours. It is highly recommended you take the Screen Prep Basics so you have full understanding of how to prepare and reclaim your screens if you plan on printing at home or you want to use Open Studio without paying additional fees.

Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds, but we have several options. Cancellation with more than 2 weeks notice may receive store credit to be used for a future workshop registration within 3 months. Cancellation with less than 2 weeks notice is non-refundable, but may be transferred to a friend. There are no refunds for not showing up. Please email Stu to let us know if your plans have changed.

Questions? Just give us a call at (303) 321-7101

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