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Brittany | Access Gallery

Back in 2005, when she was still in high school, Brittany was asked to create an artwork inspired by the Yoruba people of Africa. Inspired by the importance of art to her heritage, Brittany started teaching herself to work with beads.

Fifteen years later, she has made her passion into a business, Brittany’s Accessories, where she creates art – and even jewelry – with all kinds of mixed media.

Brittany is a smart, driven young woman, and is also living with cerebral palsy and limited financial resources. Starting from pony beads – “simply the most affordable bead I can buy” – and an internship with Access Gallery, Brittany has become a self-taught, self-made artist capable of working with any material.

When she can, though, Brittany loves to work with imagery from DC Comics and Marvel, as it brings up fond memories of watching cartoons with her brother as a child. Together with her blind boyfriend, she is a vocal advocate for people with disabilities. In our eyes, Brittany is the modern-day Wonder Woman for the disabled and artist communities alike.

All prints are 8x10, screen printed on 100# cover weight, signed editions of 100. Frame is not included. 

Cost includes shipping to continental US. $20 to artist, $3 to Access Gallery (non-profit), $7 to cover shipping & materials.

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